Receiving my formal education at Indiana University in a diverse field known as Medical Illustration I am a freelance artist that has worked with a variety of mediums over the years.  Recently my creativity has made a diversion to fashion allowing me to use my knowlege of the body combined with an incredible eye for detail and color - designing art that one can wear.  My one of a kind pieces are designed for those with unique taste and distinct style.  My fashion passion started with bags made from record albums which has now turned into a complete line I call "Revitalized Vinyl". Fashion meets nostalgia with these hand made bags created from recycled records.  When we think about history and the role music has played the "record" is a classic icon that represents much more than just a means to listen to music.  With records came freedom to explore music from all walks of life in the privacy of our own space without being judged or controlled by the social, political,or religious influences of the time.  Music, like fashion, has always been about expression so when one looks at records from that historical stand point it's easy to see where the passion for these bags come from - stimulating memories and emotion from the music combined with creative fashion styling.
               Welcome to the World of Unique Inspirations
                                      by Lisa Allen